Éric Araujo

Email: <merwok@netwok.org>

Nickname: merwok

I am an enthusiast Pythonista with interests in the Web, XMPP, i18n, command-line interfaces, modular programs, GTK applications, and Mercurial. I like discovering elegant solutions and helping people, and also fixing boring stuff like typos, documentation or idioms. In the Python world, I am a distutils and distutils2 hacker, so I want to help reducing packaging woes for Mercurial.

I haven’t really started contributing to Mercurial. I’m an inactive member of the hgfr l10n group; I have some ideas for Mercurial itself; I should start hanging on the bug tracker; sometimes I help people on #mercurial.

In real life, I am looking for a job..


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