This page is no longer relevant but is kept for historical purposes.

1.7 Developer Sprint

This was a long weekend of in-depth Mercurial discussion, design, and coding. The sprint took place October 8th-10th 2010 at Google Chicago.

Sprints are open to all significant Mercurial contributors. See 1.5sprint for history.

1. Attendees



Chicago (assistance)

Flights Booked

Matt Mackall (mpm)


$0 ($0)

Yes: ?-?

Augie Fackler (durin42)


$0 ($0)

Yes: ?-?

Dan V. P. Christiansen (danchr)

Ã…rhus, Denmark

$900 (full)

Yes: arrival 6th (15:25), departure 13th (21:50)

Nicolas Dumazet (nicdumz)


$900 (full)

Yes: arrival 7th (23:00), departure 11th (7:00)

Benoit Boissinot (tonfa)


$650 (full)

Yes: arrival 6th (12:40), departure 12th (14:00)

Patrick Mezard (pmezard)


$800 (full)

Yes: arrival 7th (16:00), departure 12th (18:00)

Brodie Rao (brodie)


$0 ($0)

Yes: arrival 7th (12:53), departure 10th (18:55)

Benjamin Pollack (bmp)

New York

$100 ($0)

Yes: arrival 7th (18:20), departure 10th (16:40)

Steve Borho (muggs)

St Louis

$60 ($0)

Yes: arrival 7th, leave anytime

MartinGeisler (mg)

Zurich, Switzerland

$1000 ($0)

Yes: arrival 6th (15:35), departure 12th (19:20)

Mads Kiilerich (kiilerix)

Copenhagen, Denmark

$? ($0)

Yes: arrival 7th (17:30), departure 12th (22:05)

Jesper Noehr (jespern)

Sydney, Australia

$0 ($0)

Yes, arrival 7th, departure 10th

Justen Stepka

San Francisco, CA

$0 ($0)


2. What happened at the sprint?

Here's a mostly complete overview of features, discussions, bugs, patches, etc. that came up (from a posting to mercurial-devel by Brodie):

2.1. Big new features

2.2. Unfinished business

2.3. Discussions

2.4. Patches for bugs

2.5. Other interesting patches that made it in

2.6. Miscellaneous

2.7. See also

3. Information for attendees

As the sprint is over, this information is left for posterity.

3.1. Costs

We will fund hotel for all attendees. Where possible, attendees should try to get their employers to cover travel. We refund personal travel costs based on available funds and contribution level.

3.2. Date and Time

The sprint will be in Chicago on October 8th-10th 2010. This will allow us time to put some work started at the sprint into 1.7 before the code freeze on October 15th. Augie will be at Google Chicago starting around 8:30 on Friday, so feel free to start arriving anytime after that. Please try to arrive at least by 9:15 so we can get started promptly.

The Fairfield Inn hotel has been booked for three nights from October 7th to 10th -- checkin is Thursday, checkout is Sunday. You need to make other reservations if you arrive earlier or leave later.

Check-in on Thursday is at 3pm. The rooms are theoretically booked in your names, but if for some reason they can't find you, the reservation number is 15443446301.

3.3. Travel

Make sure you have your passports and visas figured out in advance. Plan to arrive the day before the sprint begins to be ready for a full day of workshop.

3.3.1. Getting to the Hotel from an Airport

From Midway: Take the Orange Line to Roosevelt. Transfer to the Red Line headed towards Howard. Get off the Red at Grand, walk two blocks North then turn right. You'll see the hotel on the left side of the street.

From O'Hare: Take the Blue Line to Monroe. Transfer to the Red Line headed towards Howard. Get off the Red at Grand, walk two blocks North then turn right. You'll see the hotel on the left side of the street. This is the Blue Line terminal in O'Hare: Farecard-Ohare.jpg.

This Hotel.jpg is what the hotel looks like from across the street.

For either public transit option from the airports, you'll need a farecard for the train. It's US$2.25 for either trip and transfers are free. The farecard machines in the airports do take cards as well as cash. Unless you plan to take the CTA for sightseeing while in town, there's no point in getting a 3-day pass, as you'll only need $4.50 of fares and the 3-day pass is $14.

If you plan to take a taxi, be aware that not all taxis accept credit cards. Many take only cash.

3.3.2. Getting to Google from the Hotel

Walk West on Ontario to State, turn left on State and go to Kinzie. Turn right on Kinzie. Google is in that block on the right, our entrance is just after the entrance to the Amalfi hotel. The entrance isn't marked as Google, but if you get to Dearborn Street or see Keifer's Steakhouse you're too far. There are two revolving doors, and a security guard. On Friday, there should be someone at a table (or something along those lines) to greet you just inside the door. Google.jpg is what Google looks like from across the street.

3.3.3. Hotel Arrangements

Room 1408


Room 307



Room 406



Room 407



Room 508



Room 809




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