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 * Matt Mackall

Mini Sprint Bay Area September 2015

Matt Mackall will probably be in the bay from 8th to 18th. This is a perfect time to do a Mini Sprint.

Potential topics

When and Where

This will be a all day long sprint starting at 10:00 AM on September 17 at Mozilla's office in San Francisco. 2 Harrison St. San Francisco, CA 94105.

You should approach the entrance off of Embarcadero pictured at https://goo.gl/maps/bHcxQ. The door will likely be locked but a receptionist should be inside to buzz you in. Just say you are looking for Gregory Szorc.


Add your name here.

  • Pierre-Yves David
  • Sean Farley
  • Siddharth Agarwal
  • Mateusz Kwapich
  • Ryan McElroy

  • Erik van Zijst
  • Matt Mackall

Potential Attendees

Every body is welcome. From the curious user to the experienced contributor.


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