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The ConvertExtension supports GNU Arch sources since df659eb23360 (0.9.5+).

SamTardieu wrote a script to convert from Arch 1.0 archive format and I enhanced it to write full changelog instead of just the summary. You can find it on http://archives.keltia.net/hg/hg-convert. You need baz 1.5 because the option to get the full changelog is different in 1.4 and more important, the format of the changelog is different. -- OllivierRobert

arch-to-hg.py -- I also hacked it to support baz 1.1.1 and tla 1.3-1 (and should also work for other versions, as it only uses some very simple commands). I tuned it to run much faster by just updating the same tree one patch after another. It uses UTC currently. Please try to keep it compatible and do not require latest versions if it can be avoided. -- ThomasWaldmann 2005-11-13 14:31:57

tla-to-hg-hist.py -- I extended above script to import the full history of a revision (using tla's ancestry-graph command). -- DavidMentre 2006-05-10 06:15:00

Tailor also supports Arch.


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