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Case-folding Plan

To deal with CaseFolding on the repo side, we need to:

A simple escaping scheme is as follows:

Note that we rarely need to

Implementation plan:

This scheme will automatically escape all paths on newly cloned or created repos.

On the working directory side, the best we can do is detect collisions. A simple scheme might look something like this:

There are some further issues on the working directory and user inteface side.

Also, filesystems like OSX do Unicode normalisation, meaning that two filenames with differing normal forms may in fact be the same.

Finally, there are some filename identity issues even on Unix - the files foo/bar and baz/../foo/bar are the same. These are (presumably) solved on Unix, so looking at how the solution works may offer some advice on how to deal with user input issues.


There are some other differences between manifest internal and os native pathnames (the former always uses / path separators, where the latter uses os.sep) as well as differences between absolute and relative pathnames - in reviewing API calls, these differences should be noted as well.

In some cases, this may require carrying round of additional data, to preserve both the user-supplied name, and the actual filesystem canonical name.

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