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Note that we rarely need to  Note that we rarely need to
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To deal with CaseFolding on the repo side, we need to:

  • escape uppercase ASCII characters in filenames
  • escape high ASCII
    • Unicode and other characters may be case-folded as well
    • Filesystems and operating systems may do other unfortunate things to
      • filenames which will cause interoperability trouble
  • use the same scheme by default on all systems to avoid backup and media sharing issues

A simple escaping scheme is as follows:

  • replace _ with __

  • replace A-Z with _a, etc.
  • replace characters 126-255 and '\:*?"<>|' with ~7e to ~ff (note this escapes tilde as well

Note that we rarely need to

Implementation plan:

  • add separate localrepo access methods for all store data (changelog, manifest, data/*, journal, lock) (./)

  • if .hg/data exists at localrepo init time, use old access scheme (./)

  • if not, access all store data with escaped paths inside .hg/store/ (eg .hg/store/00changelog.i or .hg/store/data/_readme.i) (./)

This scheme will automatically escape all paths on newly cloned or created repos.

On the working directory side, the best we can do is detect collisions. A simple scheme might look something like this:

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