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 * don't use set(), sorted(), rsplit(), or various other post-Py2.3 goodies


  • don't use tabs
  • don't use lines longer than 80 characters
  • don't leave trailing whitespace
  • don't name functions or classes with Uppercase, CamelCase or lots_of_under_bars

  • don't make helper functions prefixed with do_
  • in general, don't make ["mpm"] use his shift key any more than he has to
  • don't use default arguments without a good reason
  • don't use a class unless it makes your code smaller and easier to read
  • don't use Unicode strings unless you really grok Mercurial's charset philosophy

  • don't put OS-specific hacks outside of util.py and friends.


  • use single quotes rather than double quotes
  • use a single underscore prefix for private methods and functions
  • use a single underscore prefix for a helper function
  • add a linebreak after a colon
  • add docstrings
  • use _() to mark things for i18n
  • add testcases to the test suite
  • run the test suite

-- ["mpm"]


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