/!\ This page is kept for historical purposes. The crew repository has been replaced by hg-committed (see DeveloperRepos).

The Crew Repository

About the crew repository and its committers.

What is it?

The crew repository is the primary repository maintained by the so-called 'Mercurial crew', a set of developers who are trusted by mpm to make significant changes and accept patches from the community. Changes from the crew repository are regularly reviewed and merged by mpm into the official Mercurial repository.

The crew repo is at http://hg.intevation.de/mercurial/crew, this is where the crew members push to.

An automatic mix of Mercurial crew and main is provided at http://hg.intevation.de/mercurial/crew+main (it may contain multiple heads).

The stable branch of the crew repo is automatically mirrored at http://hg.intevation.de/mercurial/crew-stable, for historical reasons.


Active crew members (ordered by name) are:

Inactive/retired crew members:

See also: DeveloperRepos and CrewHowTo

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