Serve a web site straight out of a Mercurial repository

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Remy Blank <remy.blank@pobox.com>

This extension was a neat idea, but it stopped working some time around Mercurial 3.2 due to a minor change in hgweb. This highlighted the brittleness of patching into hgweb, and made it not worth fixing. A better approach would be to handle rendering in a real WSGI application, and delegate to hgweb for paths that it should handle.


HgSite is a Mercurial extension that allows serving a dynamic, read-only website using a Mercurial repository as the backend storage. Pages are served by hgweb, the same component that serves the Mercurial repository, and no additional configuration is necessary in the web server.

Current features include:

These features allow a number of interesting use cases, for example:


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