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# Append a diffstat to the log message (optional)
#diffstat = False
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# If you want hyperlinks
baseurl = http://server/path/to/repo
# If you want hyperlinks (optional)
#baseurl = http://server/path/to/repo

HGCIA Extension

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Brendan Cully

Download site: [http://hg.kublai.com/mercurial/hgcia public development repository].


The hgcia extension can be used to send change notifications to the [http://cia.navi.cx/ CIA service]. It can be used as either an incoming or a changegroup hook.


Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding following lines:


# your registered CIA user name
user = foo
# the name of the project in CIA
project = foo
# Append a diffstat to the log message (optional)
#diffstat = False
# The URL of the CIA notification service (optional)
#url = http://cia.navi.cx/
# print message instead of sending it (optional)
#test = False

# one of these:
changegroup.cia = python:hgcia.hook
#incoming.cia = python:hgcia.hook

# If you want hyperlinks (optional)
#baseurl = http://server/path/to/repo


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