Interhg Extension

This extension is distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Ohashi Hideya


The `interhg' Mercurial extension allows you to use shortcut expressions in your changelog and summary texts that are automatically expanded into links or any other arbitrary expression, just like what InterWiki does.


Configure your .hgrc to enable the extension by adding the following lines:

interhg =

These are some example patterns (link to bug tracking, etc.)

issues = s!issue(\d+)!<a href="http://bts/issue\1">issue\1</a>!
bugzilla = s!((?:bug|b=|(?=#?\d{4,}))(?:\s*#?)(\d+))!<a..=\2">\1</a>!i
boldify = s/(^|\s)#(\d+)\b/ <b>#\2<\/b>/

Add any number of names and patterns to match


As of hg 0.9.5, there are some problems when using interhg to implant links into commit comments display:


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