I'm a second year student of CS in Bucharest, Romania. I'd like to apply to mercurial for GSOC2009.

The idea that I would like to implement is an hg extension to allow mercurial to act as a client for bzr.

I roamed the wikis of both projects and looked a bit at the source code of similar projects (hgsubversion, bzr-git).

The extension will work by communicating with a .bzr tree that gets created by the hg bzr clone command. The extension will handle the translating of external related commands to bzr. I think only a subset of hg's commands are needed since most of the work (ex. merging) should be handled by hg itself. Here's a list:

AFAICS, most of the work in this project will be in translating the changesets from hg format to bzr format.


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