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VOIP: sip://markd@ (Warning due to known NAT issues and the difficulty of testing this without a second voip server I cannot guarantee this will work! Please tell me if it doesnt work so that I can try and fix any issues!).

About Me

I am a second year Maths and Computer Science Student at the University of Bristol in the UK.

I have been using open source software (and mercurial) for a while, although so far I have never contributed (something I hope to fix this year). I am interested in doing the Google Summer of Code with mercurial as it has benefited me in the past.

I normally program in C or Java although I am now learning python. (Mostly by playing with Mercurial. If anyone has any suggestions of good projects or resources for learning python they would be much appreciated.)

Google Summer of Code 2010

At the moment I am looking at the 'Better Changeset Discovery' idea. Pending discussion with people who know the code better I have a few ideas/questions/notes already about it. The following covers what I believe is a fairly large scope!:

Some(most) of the following does not consider that a rough protocol has already been designed and appears to be in the process of implementation.

Why the project needs doing:

The example below shows that cloning the mercurial stable repository takes 5 times longer than 'hg incoming' takes to decide what changesets are needed between revision 1000 and the current revision (changeset 10646).

markd@m2n-mx-ath-x2:~/code/hg-exper$ time hg clone clonetest2 real 0m34.081s user 0m10.485s sys 0m0.668s

markd@m2n-mx-ath-x2:~/code/hg-exper$ time hg clone clonetest3 -r 1000 real 0m4.642s user 0m1.212s sys 0m0.036s markd@m2n-mx-ath-x2:~/code/hg-exper$ cd clonetest3

markd@m2n-mx-ath-x2:~/code/hg-exper/clonetest3$ time hg incoming > screenoutput real 2m24.890s user 0m4.212s sys 0m0.424s markd@m2n-mx-ath-x2:~/code/hg-exper/clonetest3$ ping -c 4

--- ping statistics --- 4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3001ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 160.950/161.373/162.314/0.616 ms

n.b. Some of the issues related to this may result from the cgi web interface being used.

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