This page is primarily intended for developers of Mercurial.

Merging Graphlog in Core

1. Done

With these submitted patches, graphlog supports the same options as log command, and we can consider merging boths:




1.4. Mercurial 2.3

2. To Do

2.1. log command

  1. Turn revset.match() into a generator. Otherwise the time to first byte with --limit queries is too large.
  2. Maybe invent something to handle multiple predicated like "--user foo --user bar" without scanning the changelog multiple times.
  3. Profit!

2.2. incoming/outgoing commands

  1. Decide what to do about --newest-first
  2. ? Look at hg._incoming()/_outgoing() (recurse in subrepos ?)

2.3. random improvements

  1. Improve the error message on --follow FILE --removed, issue2139

  2. Document that "hg log 'set:added()'" is not the same than "hg log -r 'file("set:added()")'"
  3. Mention filesets in "hg help patterns" before the last line
  4. Display renames correctly with "hg log --follow file", see the second part of this changelog for details


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