Remote Update

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Ryan Seto


TortoiseHg supports this extension in version 2.1 or better.


Remote Update is an extension for Mercurial (Hg) that adds the ability to update a remote repository's working directory to a specified revision if the remote repository is hosted via ssh.

This can help simplify the process for maintaining a website that is a Mercurial repository with it's own working directory.


Configure your .hgrc or mercurial.ini to enable the extension by adding the following lines:

rupdate = /path/to/rupdate

Note: Your /path/to/rupdate should be the path to the folder that you copied the extension to.


hg rupdate [OPTIONS] [-d DEST] REV

To update the default remote repository to revision e9e4e6afc30a:

To update the default remote repository to revision 11.

hg rupdate e9e4e6afc30a


-p, --push

-f, --force


-C, --clean

-d DEST, --dest DEST

-r REV, --rev REV, REV


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