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== Bazaar? ==

''Is there a way to convert a [http://bazaar-vcs.org/ Bazaar] repository to Mercurial?''
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 * http://ajayu.memi.umss.edu.bo/viborita/weblog/svn2hg.py-convertir-repositorio-subversion-mercurial - simple script that keeps subversion history, download every rev info from svn server, doesn't work with svndump. (use the download link, not copy&paste).  * http://ajayu.memi.umss.edu.bo/viborita/weblog/svn2hg.py-convertir-repositorio-subversion-mercurial - seems like a good start but included everything from .svn directories too which rather clutters things up


Arch / TLA / Baz 1.5

Tools for Arch conversion can be found at ArchConversion.


Because of the threatening behavior of Bitmover, no Bitkeeper conversion tools have been made publically available. See GenericConversion for details on building your own repository conversion tool.


Multiple convertors exist for converting from CVS to Mercurial:

  • ["convert-repo"] - the development version of Mercurial includes a CVS converter
  • ["Tailor"] - a generic conversion tool
  • ["cvs20hg"] - a fast CVS to Mercurial converter
  • [http://hg.beekhof.net/hg/cvs-import hg-cvs-import] (need info)


A sample Darcs conversion script is available in the contrib/ directory of the Mercurial source.

For a more accurate conversion, which preserves Darcs information on renames and some information on tags, use ["Tailor"].


See GitConversion.


(need info)


[http://hg.omnifarious.org/~hopper/p4_to_hg p4_to_hg]

This utility can actually keep two repositories in sync.

Currently, it's slapped together and built to serve my particular needs, but it could probably be modified into something more general. It currently makes no attempt to do anything with Perforce's ability to track branches or the movement of changesets from branch to branch. -- EricHopper 2005-09-27 06:31:03

Other systems

["Tailor"] is a conversion tool that can do simple conversions from a variety of systems. See GenericConversion for details on building your own repository conversion tool.

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