SonicHg Extension

This extension is not distributed with Mercurial.

Author: Akshay Dayal <akshay_abd,at,yahoo,dot,com>

Download site:



To see a demo of the functionality visit:

SonicHg is a mercurial extension that provides the following functionality:

  1. Pushlog - Log pushes made over SSH details

    1. Enable capturing of data on incoming pushes to show what group of commits were made for the push, ssh username, etc
    2. Added a pushlog page in the web UI, can use slider or textbox to browse through push history
    3. Advanced search available in the web UI for finding pushes - including finding by date (Bonsai like feature)

    4. Can configure how many pushes to show per page in the HGRC file
  2. Modified web UI shortlog page details

    1. Can use slider or textbox to browse through commit history
  3. Modified web UI File log page (which shows the file history) details

    1. Shows more info now, including author of each change
    2. Also can select any 2 file versions and show the diff between them
  4. Added web UI full side-by-side differ details

    1. Can see side-by-side diff page for changes
    2. If you have the highlight extension enabled you can enable highlighting in the side-by-side diffs too
  5. Regex Filter available for web UI details

    1. Can use this filter to perform regex substitutions on the descriptions of commits
    2. For example, can substitute all bug ids in descriptions with links to the bug page for that bug id
  6. Added ability specify a commit format standard and where the commit format doc URL is details

    1. Users making pushes whose commit messages are out of standard will get a warning message with the link to the commit format doc URL
  7. Other changes details

    1. Descriptions of merge commits will be in red in web UI (a commit with 2 parents)
    2. Where-ever possible the links in web UI will use revision numbers instead of short node ids


For instructions on how to install & use SonicHg look at:


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