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One very common question is "How do I get svn log --stop-on-copy?".

The idea is that you just observed someone push a merge into your repository, and you would like to see just the changes added by that merge. You essentially want to see all changes since the developer initially branched from your ancestry.

You can do this using the --prune option to the hg log command:

  1. Use "hg parents --rev tip" to identify the revision ids of both the branch that got merged ("branch rev") and the branch that you already know about ("other rev")
  2. Use "hg log --prune <other rev> --rev <branch-rev>:0" to cut away all of the revisions you already know, leaving behind just the revisions merged.

C:\Documents and Settings\cg\My Documents\My Diagrams\StopOnCopy\StopOnCopy-5.png

Essentially, you prune out your known stuff to see their unknown stuff.


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