GSoC 2016

Mercurial hopes is particpating in GSoC via the Python project. This page is intended to track related activity.

1. Ideas and project guidance

Our ideas and project guidance can be found at SummerOfCode/Ideas2016.

2. Mentors

Mentors are there to help students interface with the community. A good mentor will have experience with our patch review process per ContributingChanges, and know who to direct students to consult about particular topics. Mentors will be expected to take some time weekly to help their students, including sitting in on a weekly IRC meeting (to be scheduled once participants are selected). A mentor does not need to be an expert in their student's project area (in fact, this is discouraged).


IRC handle

Timezone offset

Martijn Pieters


UTC+00:00 (GMT)

Sean Farlrey


UTC-07:00 (PDT)

Martin von Zweigbergk


UTC-07:00 (PDT)

3. GSoC selected students



Summary of contributions

Project interest


Piotr Listkiewicz

Poland, and few others

Allow largefiles to be at a different location

Pulkit Goyal

India, and few others.

Moving towards Python 3


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