GSoC Project Ideas for 2011

Sample project ideas for GSoC students

1. Improved built-in help

Mercurial's built-in help is quite good, but could be better. Here are some things that could be done:

2. Advanced Hgweb support

Our web interface is very handy, but there are a number of features that could be improved:

3. Performance tuning

Mercurial is fast but could always be faster. Possible areas include:

4. Subrepo support

Subrepositories are a rapidly improving feature of Mercurial.

5. Command server

Mercurial's primary stable API is its command line interface. Creating a tool and library to communicate with this API over a pipe or a socket will help improve performance for third-party tools that use Mercurial. (here is a previous incomplete effort)

6. Other ideas?

Come talk to us on IRC.


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