Google Summer of Code

Information about Mercurial's GSoC program.

1. About Mercurial and GSoC

For the last few years, Google has offered a fantastic opportunity for students to help out Open Source software projects in the summer while getting paid for it. It's called Google Summer of Codeā„¢, and it provides free software projects a great way of attracting development effort while providing software developers who are still in university with some interesting and useful experiences. Find out more about the Summer of Code (SoC) from their site.

Mercurial is a popular project with many enthusiastic users and a dynamic development community. By participating in GSoC with Mercurial, you'll be exposed to exciting technology and top-notch developers.

See Ideas for project ideas and add yourself to this year's status page to get involved.

2. Notes on applying

Here are some tips on how to apply:

3. Getting things done

The primary challenge of GSoC is not technical! Your goal as a GSoC student should be learning how to interact with other developers on a real-world project, and how to develop effectively in a cooperative environment.