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Templates consolidation

Status: Project

Main proponents: DavidDemelier

/!\ This is a speculative project and does not represent any firm decisions on future behavior.

In the progress of making more homogeneous style in Mercurial, this project proposes to unify the naming convention of templates.

1. Goal

Mercurial didn't enforce a coding style on many areas: hgrc (see ConfigConsolidationPlan), environment variables, templates, and so on.

2. Detailed description

Not having a correct convention leads into different styles. See the following templates:

As proposed in the ConfigConsolidationPlan, I propose a mechanism where all hyphens and underscore get silently discarded. Thus, we can fix a correct naming style without breaking any user code.

I propose to use underscores everywhere because changessincelatesttag is not readable. No, it really isn't.

3. Roadmap

4. See Also

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