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Mercurial has a built-in web server which can be used for browsing a repository with a web browser or for allowing remote machines to pull from you. To use it, simply run:

$ hg serve

And then point your web browser at http://localhost:8000/.

This has most of the features of the full web interface. This server can do multithread/multi-process request since Mercurial version 0.9. If you want to make a more permanent server, you should probably use a [:CGI_Install:CGI-based server].

Following is a detail options for using hg's http server implemented by python code.

bash-3.00$ hg help serve
hg serve [OPTION]...

export the repository via HTTP

    Start a local HTTP repository browser and pull server.

    By default, the server logs accesses to stdout and errors to
    stderr.  Use the "-A" and "-E" options to log to files.


 -A --accesslog       name of access log file to write to
 -d --daemon          run server in background
    --daemon-pipefds  used internally by daemon mode
 -E --errorlog        name of error log file to write to
 -p --port            port to use (default: 8000)
 -a --address         address to use
 -n --name            name to show in web pages (default: working dir)
    --webdir-conf     name of the webdir config file (serve more than one repo)
    --pid-file        name of file to write process ID to
    --stdio           for remote clients
 -t --templates       web templates to use
    --style           template style to use
 -6 --ipv6            use IPv6 in addition to IPv4

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